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Helper Methods

Note: Current version does not support the full Groupon API.

static void Initialize (string apiKey, [string referralCode])
  Initializes the Groupon helper.
@helper GetDailyDealWidget ([string linkColor], [string textColor], [string bakgroundColor], [string titleColor], [string getItButtonColor], [string priceTagColor], [bool roundedCorners], [string city])
  Displays a widget with the daily Groupon's deal.
static IList<Division> GetDivisions ([string show])
  Returns a list of all launched divisions. The 'show' parameter determines which fields of the divisions should be returned. Possible values: default | all | {coma separated fields list}.
static IList<Deal> GetDeals ([string divisionId], [string latitude], [string longitude], [string radius], [string area], [string show])
  Returns an ordered list of deals that are currently launched for a specific division.
static Deal GetDeal (string dealId, [string show])
  Shows detailed information about a specified deal.

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